AI Platform Notebooks on Google Cloud

If you are an AI company, you’re probably using Jupyter Notebooks. These are some of the challenges that we see with Enterprises that are using Jupyter Notebook Environments for their AI experiments:

  • These notebooks are difficult to setup
  • You’ve to manage your virtual environments
  • You are limited by the hardware capacity of your laptop
  • IT has no visibility into your Dev/Experiment environment
  • You have a highly inconsistent environment across your teams

Let me introduce you to Google Cloud’s AI Platform Notebooks, an enterprise notebook service to get your projects up and running in minutes.

Google has made it really easy for you to get started on AI Platform Notebooks. You get the same Jupyterlab interface that you’re used to. Hence no learning curve.

Comes pre-installed with your favorite Data Science and Data Engineering Libraries

You are no longer limited by the hardware capacity of your laptops. You can now use hardware accelerators like GPUs and TPUs right from your notebooks.

These notebooks can now be centrally managed by your IT team because they’re running within your enterprise Cloud account and not on your laptop.

AI Platform Notebooks are fully integrated with other Google Cloud products like BigQuery, Cloud Storage, etc.

Check out the video for a demo on how to get started with AI Platform Notebooks.